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Sleep Tight [belladonna]

Painted Terracotta,Wood & Plexiglass | Terracotta smaltata, legno e plexiglass



Wall-Hung Style

Erzsébeth Bàthory [the beast of Csejthe] 1560-1614
Six hundred and fifty victims amongst women and young girls
| She was highly experienced with poisons and black magic, she killed many women poisoning them with belladonna, a highly poisonous plant linked to witchcraft. Báthory thought that bathing in virgins' blood would keep her young and beautiful forever |

Erzsébeth Bàthory [la belva di Csejthe] 1560-1614
Seicentocinquanta vittime tra donne e ragazze
| Grande esperta di veleni e magia nera, uccise numerose donne utilizzando
la belladonna, pianta velenosissima legata alla stregoneria. La Báthory
pensava che il bagno fatto nel sangue delle vergini mantenesse viva la sua
bellezza |​​

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